January 26th, 2003 / 03:27



1,5 empty roles of duct tape
(transparent line)






Revell Colors, "Das Pronto", Hot
Glue,"Marabu" laque, a screw, a
pek, Kids Dough Clay, a print-
out, some christmas ornaments

XR FrontXR Back

Character & Intent

I can hear you. You claim "But Creature...
'Buzz Lightyear of Star Command' is a
kiddy show by Disney".
Obviously, you're right. I won't argue that.
Yet, on the flipside of this coin we see a
science fiction spoof with lots of obscure
pop culture references and voice acting
done by people like Wayne Knight (as
Evil Emperor Zurg, priceless!) and Nicole
Sullivan (as Ranger Mira Nova). It's not
Futurama, but it makes a very nice watch.
(Besides, how could you not love a show
that's intended for children and still mana-
ges to slip in not one, but two characters
that pay hommage to DC Comics' ultra-
violent Main Man Lobo ?)

I don't think there ever was an action figure
line for this show... So it's about time to
transfer those characters to the physical


I admit : This is actually more of a statuette than an action
figure, seeing as it was done from scratch and has next to
zero articulation... but the head can still be moved and the
damn thing is roughly in scale with my Mira Nova figure, so
I call it an action figure an there ain't a damn thing you can
do about it !

I started out with two empty role-bases of ductape. I cut
one of them in half and glued one of the halfes to the other
role. That was my base. I carefully covered this construct
with "Das Pronto" modelling clay which I smoothend up
with a lot of water. Note that I left the top and bottom
open for the time being. After it had dried, I covered
the thing with diverse layers of white Revell color.

That done, it was time to make the head. The simple
cylindric shape of XR's design made the choice of
material pretty easy. I put a screw into a simple,
standard pek like those you find in every
toolshop. Then I just covered the thing
with some more "Das Pronto" and
yellow Revell color.

After I used some Kids Dough clay to sculpt the
shoulder ornaments and eye sockets, the tricky
part was on. Every modelling material I had was
to soft to serve as arms without sinking to the
ground while drying, so I needed a base again.
I decided to cover a christmas ornamental chain
with some hot glue and cover this with "das pronto".
Worked fine.
I used some more of this modelling clay to make top
and bottom plates for the ground. I had to be pretty
careful because they needed to dry seperately, but
still fit into the base. Also important was to put a
screwhole into the top plate. (no dirty jokes,

It was pretty much clear sailing from that point on.
I put a screw through the top plate to screw the
head on and hot-glued both plates into place
(fixing the screw in the process).
I sculpted the legs and rolls from Das Pronto
and the Hands from the K.D. clay. I hot-
glued them on and created the purple orna-
mental rings on top and bottom as well as
the eyebrows in the same process. It
should be noted that I achieved the smooth
appearance of the brows by dropping the
glue directly from the gun into some cold
water which made it harden in the same
shape it fell.

The last step besides the final, hardly note-
worthy paint job was the chestdoor with
the Star Command emblem. This was
a simple, rectangular printout which I
partially covered with white revell
color and a clear laque.