October 2009



Legendary Comic
Heroes Ann O'Brien



Head of Spawn Warrior Lilith
ML Mr. Fantastic Arms,
SOTA Street Fighter
Remy Feet
ML X-23 Arms,
Movie Phoenix shoulder joint,
"Graduation Day" Faith hairtip
No-name pterosaur skeleton claws



Apoxy Sculpt, Glues,
Synthetic Resin, wire,
"Green Stuff", vinyl,
Citadel "Skull White"
Primer spray, Liguid Latex,
Citadel Paints, Revell Aqua
Color paints, Citadel satin

Points of


~ 34

Posed #1Tempting, isn't it?
High noo.. midnight, I supposeOkay, she's toast


Character & Intent

What would an exceptional tale be without an exceptional villain?
Well, "Gargoyles" had several. But of course, Demona had her own way
of standing out. She was manipulative, powerful, independent, viscious
and cunning. But it is not as much this deluxe package of evil properties
that makes her so fascinating. It's her unique dispositions.
With all she has gone through - The losses, the betrayal, the loneliness
and constant fight for survival - it would be easy to feel sorry for her...
If she did not keep going this one step too far in her reactions time and
time again. In her hatred for mankind, her quest for vengeance and power,
she ends up betraying her former ideals and culture and finally even her
own species, just to reach a goal that has long become obsession:
The eradication of the human species.

After making a Goliath, I knew that I had to make a Demona to go with
him... or, more appropriately, up against him. And I started work on her
just about right away. But unfortunately, I kept running into problems and
long, long luls in motivation, so that I ended up taking so long that I forgot
a lot of what I did over the course of the creation by the time that I put the
final touches on her. So, if this summary seems a little short and murky...
Well, forgive a buffon, will you?


Disassembling Anne O'Brien, the first problem did not take long to rear it's head
- Or shoulders. To my great surprise, Toybiz had tried an entirely unusual system
of intertwined plastic loops to articulate the jacketed shoulders. It took quite a bit
of effort to jank those things out and naturally left the original joints unsalvagable.
Fortunately, it was not too difficult to replace these with the arms of ML Mr. Fantastic.
For reasons unrelated to this custom, I think I ended up using a cobbled-together hybrid
of the arms from ML7 and the Fantastic Four boxset. Minus one finger each and plust
sculpted (wire-enforced) elbow spikes, of course. Her bicep bracelet is obviously
nothing more than wire.

Her torso was sanded to remove the clothing details and resculpted for Demona's
tattered outfit and her musculature. One might not notice it right away, but she has
always been depicted as rather muscular on the show, and I sought to match that look.
The loincloth and belt are made of liquid latex, the belt buckle is just painted wire.

The wings were another huge problem. Since I could not find any readily-available wings
(let alone affordable ones), I decided to craft them on my own, which lead to a ton of
unexpected issues. After I aborted a totally new sculpt, I used X-23 arms for the basic
structure. It took quite a bit of drilling, cursing and Green Stuff to finally get those things
to stay attached securely... enough to the back. The arms were extended with
sculpted-over wire and the clawtips from a cheap, no-brand dinosaur skeleton toy.
The "skin" of the wings was another stumbling block. After several attempts
with latex and silicone, I stumbled upon some vinyl, which finally made the cut.

If you've ever heard someone talking about how hard it is to "get some tail"...
Chances are, he doesn't know half of it. Once again lacking luxurious
factory-made parts, I spend countless hours trying to craft a befitting tail
from scratch. For quite a while, I had hoped to be able to make it bendy,
but with the materials available to me (the "B-Yellow" solution and liquid
latex), I just could not make it work. And even a rigid tail turned out to be
quite a challenge. It takes someone like me a long time to get such a thing
to look even remotely smooth enough. However, I was able to include some
very basic articulation by sculpting it's base around a shoulderjoint.
(If you're counting - That's the fifth arm that this project absorbed).

The head was merely a chore when it came to figuring out a base
to use and procuring it in an affordable manner. I finally settled on
Warrior Lillith - Naturally with some extensive resculpting.
The very back of the hair came from a Buffy Deluxe Faith
(For flexibility), while the earrings are merely bits of plastic
bands. I pierced those bands with thumbtacks for
circular holes and heated them in this state so that
the shape would be conserved. Then I  cut around
those holes.

The legs might be the part that took me the longest to complete.
It took me a long, long time to properly add and secure digitigrade
feet and calves, and the final result isn't even very pleasing to the eyes.
I couldn't even tell you at this point what exactly I did, but the part
that I remember - Because it's recent and irks me - is that her left
foot did actually have an aditional cut joint which I had to glue fused
after some breakage that occured after the paintjob was done.

Not too long before priming




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