Re-Attaching an Arm



Sooner or later every customizer runs into this
problem: You didn't manage to get an arm
off of a figure properly, and the damn connector
broke off. What to do now ?

Well, of course I can't provide a solution for
every type of arm, but I can tell you a pretty
reasonable way for arms with male connectors.

Before you start, you should read this tutorial
in it's entirety and make sure you've understood
my sketchy descriptions.


First of all, you should sand the rest of the con-
nector off of the arm. Next, carefully (!) drill
a hole where the you just sanded.

Now you will need something to stick into the
hole. A shard of wood, a peg or something
alike. Make sure it does stand out of the arm,
but isn't too long to fit into the torso. Then, glue
it into the arm. Hot glue should be the best way
to do this. (Pictured Step 1)

Furthermore, you need to find little fins.
I cut them out of bottle caps, but I guess
some more wood or something like that
will do the trick just as good. They need
to be about three thirds lenght of the
opening in the torso.

Glue the fins or strips or what-
ever to the piece in the arm. Make sure
one of the strips faces the arm with it's
edge, the other one with it's wide surface
(Pictured Step 2)

Now cut a gap into the edge of the hole
of the torso. The gap needs to be long and
wide enough to fit the fin that faces arm
and torso with it's edges in.
(Pictured Step 3)

And here's the tricky part.
You need to put the arm back into the
body. To do so, you have to push the
flat fin under the edge of the opening
first and almost simultaniously put
the other fin into the gap that
you've cut. This is very
tricky and won't likely
work the very
first time.
(Pictured Step 4)

If you suceed to do so, you only
need to move the arm like it was
intended to be. Voila, you've
re-attached your first arm !
(Pictured Step 5)