Symbiotic Leela






(restored: February, 4th 2003)



Catwoman animated
(possibly McDonalds/Burger King)






Revell Colors,
"Kids Dough" Clay,
"Das Pronto",
Hot Glue,
Clear laque


Leela / Venom
Character & Intent

It's no secret: I'm a great admirer of
"Futurama" ever since the first episode.

I had just visited a Futurama Fansite and therefore
was still under the impression of countless Leela varia-
tions from the fanart section. Then I saw this animated
Catwoman lying around in my figure box and ZAP! -
Neurons activate.
I always loved the symbiotic characters seen in the
pages of "Spider-Man", so I thought: Why not make
a Symbiotic Leela ?


Obviously, this one went pretty easy.
After sanding off the coiny belt (What
the hell is that thing supposed to be,
anyway ?), I covered the entire figure
in your average caucasian skin tone.
(Revell #35).

After I got over a case of extreme puberty
flashback without painting any genitalia after
the color had dried, I started applying
Das Pronto not only to form the "tentacles",
but also to cover her eye area - You can't
paint one eye on a two-eyed mold.
Well, you can, but it'd look like crap.

Speaking of crappy looks... I learned a va-
luable lesson from Leela's hairdo. If you going
to sculpt a ponytail hairstyle, don't try it in one
sitting. Instead stick a piece of toothpic or
something like that into the main part of the
hairsculpt and let it dry. This will enable you
to sculpt the ponytail without having it sink
down while drying. Another reason to do
so is thatone could easily destroy the main
part while desperately struggling to attach
the tail.

I complemented the already sculpted symbiotic
strains with some hot glue to make them flow
more naturaly on the body. A careful paint job
and a layer of clear laque finished the figure
for that time.


The problem with the tentacles is that they
break very easily. So, after I had to glue
pretty much every symbiotic strain at least
once, I decided to literarily cover those damn
fragile things with some more hot glue. Of course
I couldn't resist adding some more of those.
This process also required me to renew some
of the paint, so I took the opportunity to do some
tweaking on her eye. Before that, she had a
rather surprised/worried look. This time around,
I used the symbiotic strains to make up for
her missing eyebrows to give her more of
a - tired clichee coming up - badass