June, 2005



July 05th, 2005



MOTU 200x



Flashing kids jewelry

Molds taken from
- unidentified Beast
Wars Transformer
- Pirate Spawn
- Superpatriot
- 200x Skeletor Armor



Synthetic resin, liquid
latex, citadel paint,
primer, matte varnish,
fimo, Pattex "Blitz Plastik"
glue, plumber's epoxy

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Character & Intent

Faker has always been one of those "What the hell were
they thinking" characters. A robotic duplicate of He-Man,
meant to infiltrate the Masters and destroy them when they
least expect it. Gee, that's going to go without a hitch
with his bright blue skin and orange Skeletor armor
Needless to say, the character has gained a cult following
which was somewhat disgruntled when the was never
released as a regular part of the new line.

Consequentially, Faker has become one of the
most customized characters ever. For the longest
time, I thought I'd never add my own interpretation
to the mass of androids, but when I took an experimental
mold of Skeletor's armor, the idea clicked within my dis-
seased mind. Why not embed the armor in place of
that crappy computer sticker ? From that point on,
the ideas came racing until I didn't only have the idea
of a terminatoresque cyborg muscle structure, but
also the entire story outline of how to include the
character into the 200x lore. However, this paragraph
has already been dragging on for too long, so I'll
skip right ahead to the making.

Oh, yeah.... The jewel in the chest flashes.
Just wanted to make that clear.


Recently, it has come to my attention that this
part of my write-ups is entirely too long-winded
and uninteresting, so let's make it snappy.

Obviously, the first part of the process was disassembly
in order to work on the individual parts seperately.

Holes and gaps were dremeled into arms, legs, chest
and back. I also had to remove several of the internal
connection pegs in order to fit the light unit in.
Well, actually... light unit is a very ambiguous term...
It's really a cheap piece of flashing kid's jewelry.
Well, actually... it wasn't as cheap as I thought
it was, which I only saw at the register.
But I digress. The light can still be turned on
and off through the switch in the back. In fact,
even the batteries can be replaced that way,
if needed.

The entire construction was a very straight-forward
affair. The technology in his left arm is taken from
the Super-Patriot and glued in. Then, I sculpted
the muscle tissue around it using Fimo, just like I
did with the tissue in the right leg and the abs
area. The exposed spine was taken from Pirate
Spawn and done the same way as the arm plate.

The chest tissue and some of the backing of
the spine were made using plumber's expoxy
to hold those pieces in place. Of course, I made
sure to leave the "jewel" uncovered in order to
allow the light to travel trough the translucent

The ripped skin around the "wounds" are made of
carefully layered liquid latex applied with glue. Hey,
it used to be good enough for Hollywood at one

I'd also like to point out that there was no non-latex
sculpting involved in the knee and knuckle parts. Since
the bone is close to the skin in those places by nature,
I think I can get away with it.

Next up, the parts were spray-primed seperately.
I made sure to cover the jewel up with a layer of
liquid latex. As long as there's no glue involved, that
stuff can be taken off any smooth surface in one
swift motion.

After gluing the light piece in place (I made sure
of it not to be covered by the primer by putting it
in so late), I re-assembled the figure using two-
part plastic glue. Trust me - Once you go two-part,
you never go back. Ask Harvey Dent.

The following paintjob was nothing special...
some wash, some drybrush, some varnish
and it was good to go. Oh, by the way...
If you're going for a similar shade of skin
using Citadel Paints, the mixture is
4 parts Dwarf Flesh, 2 parts Elf Flesh
and 1 part Vermin Brown for the basic
coat and then a 50/50 mixture of Dwarf
and Elf for the drybrush.

I think that about covers it. Now on to
conquer Eternia in new, insipid ways !