October 2nd, 2009



Buffy Deluxe
Graduation Day



Marvel Legends Mystique head,
Marvel Legends Movie Phoenix hair,
Toybiz LOTR hobbit shoulders,
unidentified gun



Apoxy Sculpt, Glues,
Citadel Skull White Primer spray,
Liguid Latex, Citadel Paints,
Revell Aqua Color paints,
Citadel satin varnish.

Points of


~ 22

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Destined 1Destined 2

Character & Intent

Elisa Maza, as a character, is often defined solely by her somewhat
reluctant, somewhat forbidden love for the very statuesque clan leader
of the Castle Wyvern clan of Gargoyles, Goliath. But, while it is one of
the best-told love stories in serialized animation, it would be a disservice
to the character to reduce Elisa to this. After all, Greg Weisman and his
collaborators completely bypassed the typical mold for action cartoon
characters with her in many ways.
She's female while being a lead character. Rather than filling the commonly-
expected part as someone who needs frequent saving, she is equally as
important as a protector for the Gargoyles as they are for her -
Actually, even moreso. She is smart, independent and not at all
girlish, even though she retains a very distinctive femininety.
She's also of mixed racial heritage, none of which being white...
While that shouldn't be remarkable at all, it still remains a rarity
even now, over a decade after "Gargoyles" premiered.


While this one was an exceedingly simple custom to make, it did
take me a long time. Partially because I wasn't quite sure about which
head to use, and partially because I forgot that I'd started it.

The head in question ended up being a ML10 Mystique head, with the
sunken eyesockets filled out with some Apoxy sculpt. The likeness isn't
perfect (the eyes would have to be a bit further apart), but I'm satisfied.
The hair was donated by Movie Dark Phoenix and slightly cut down to shape.

The body was, once again, the very handy Deluxe Buffy base model,
with added waist articulation just like I previously did on to my
Kim Possible custom.
In this case, the shoulders needed modding, too. While the original figure
came with swappable arms for jacketed/bare arms looks, the jacket arms
oddly lacked lateral shoulder articulation. I remedied this by cutting off the
those shoulders and replacing them with ones taken from one of the many
hobbits (or rather, one of the many varations of the same handful of hobbits)
from Toybiz' Lord Of The Rings line. Some minor sculpting and a
transplanted peg made this a fairly effective fix for the work invested.

All that was left after this was a quick & easy paintjob and
rummaging through my parts box for an appropriate handgun.




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