Dark Claw



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~ Unrecorded ~



Animated Wolverine
(Mc Donalds or Burger King)



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Revell Colors,
Play Doh Clay,
wire, fabric

Dark ClawDark Claw 2

Character & Intent

Only few words need to be said about this
character... Batman and Wolverine, all rolled
up into one thrilling package. Claws, healing, a
brilliant mind, and a great costume design.
A pretty popular character for a custom,
and rightfully so.

This was my second Custom ever, so
it was still very much on the learning
side. Come to think of it, not much
has changed since then...


There really wasn't all that much work involved
with this custom. The Wolverine figure didn't need
an awfull lot of additions, and if memory serves me
correctly, they were all done with some left-over
Play Doh Clay. Due to my inexperience and the
fact the material doesn't smoothen out very well,
the additions are everything but seamless and
smooth. The claws are just some wires that
were glued on and covered with paint.

The cape was made from some old curtains
and required very little stiching. It is two-
layered and enforces the stand of the figure.
The levers had been build into the figure to
move the arms up and down do a pretty good
job keeping the cape attached. You've already
realized that the cape is also removable by now...
But if it is removed, you can see that the sides
of the mask are uneven.

Everything that wasn't mentioned yet is a
paintjob solely done with revell colors.