One of those guys....
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Head of
Captain Planet



Revell Colors, "Das Pronto", Hot
Glue,"Marabu" laque, a printout,
glue, "Efa Plast", clear laque

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Buzz re-imagined

Character & Intent

After I had already made versions of Mira Nova and XR,
it was just a matter of time until I would add Buzz Lightyear
himself to my plastic cast of characters (and yes, I do have
some plans for Booster, as well). This time, however, I wanted
to go a little further with my version, and the base figure I used
had some nice features to incorperate into the Star Command
uniform design So this is it:
My very own version of Buzz Lightyear.


This one was a rather easy piece to make.

Of course I started off, as usual, by dremeling all the unwanted
features of the base as well as the mighty mullet of the head away.

Inserting the head into the body wasn't all that easy. I had to cut most
of the peg away and soften it by boiling it yet another time - And even
then, it took a lot of force to shove the enviromental head onto the
robotic body.

The left hand was cut off and glued back in the right pose for
Buzz' hand-laser attack. I originally wanted to add wrist arti-
culation (using nails), but that didn't quite work out, so that
plan was scratched after several failed attempts.

The void that the detail removal as well as the sculpt itself
left in the chest area was filled with Das Pronto, while
the mysterious useless headgear is made of Efa Plast.

The symbol on his chest is of course made through
decoupage while the rest of the figure is no more than
a paintjob.