November 6th, 2003






"Aegis" (?)
(McFarlane toys 1995)



Arms of "Nefe-Tina"
(Mummies Alive line)



Revell paint, "Efa Plast",
Marabu Paint, Fimo,
hot glue, scotch tape



Character & Intent

Ah, Argent. Underapreciated and forgotten member
of one of the many incarnations of the Teen Titans
(prior to the horrid one to hit the screen lately).
To be honest, what makes the character intriguing to
me is that design. Gotta love the early nineties and
their low cuts on heroines. Anyway, her costume changed
since, so it is highly unlikely that we will ever see an official
action figure of that version.

Unfortunately, the world still has to wait for a good custom
as well, since I screwed two or three things up on this one.
First of all, I sanded some of the joints to avoid paint rub.
Unfortunately too much. Secondly, the paint job turned
out lousy since I wasn't able to get her silvery/blueish
white skin right. And finally, her face just doesn't look
right. All in all more of a failure, but at least I learned
from it.


This is one of those customs which start out by breaking
the torso apart, leaving me to work on the parts individually.

Next up, I used some big scissors and some more patience
and force to cut the long hair off of the head.

Then, there was the seemingly unavoidable dremeling to adjust
her costume. Together with the sanding articulation points to
avoid paint rub, that turned out to be a bit too much, making
the results rather loose and mal-proportioned.

Of course some of the hair had to be resculpted
- I did so using "Efa plast".

Her arms are the only the part of her I can be happy with.
They were taken from a mummies alive Nefe-Tina and
completely re-worked. All the bandages and some other
details went away through dremel magic, and I cut the
right hand off and glued back on in a position that would
fit Argent using her powers. Finally, the arms were almost
entirely covered with Efa Plast and thus re-sculpted.

The legs did not require as much attention.
Some dremeling at the knees and the inner thigh details
of her boots were all that was needed before the paint.

The face was also dremeled and sanded on a bit to
better adjust to Argent's likeness. As you can tell,
I pretty much failed.

The belly-button piercing (The golden T) as well
as the ear-rings are made from fimo and glued in place.

The accessory representing Argent's silver plasma
bolts was made in a similar fasion. I sculpted it
with one thicker end and stuck that one on her
hand, then I carefully removed it again, keeping
the shape of the hand intact and baked it.

The strips on her gauntlets are made from scotch tape.
I stuck two strips of the tape together (So both sides
would be non-adhesive) and then just painted them
and glued them on. At least that part worked better
than I thought it would.

One botched paintjob and some glueing later,
this figure was finished... Just not like I wanted
it to be.

Oh well, maybe another time.